Customers have different needs when it comes to the controls they choose for thier properties, broad ranges of control options are available for purchase.The universal control panel enables you  to choose your own switches.


There are 3 steps to choosing your Infratech systems. 

  • Measure the area - Determine the approximate measurements and mounting heights of the area you want to heat (Include: length, width, and height). Also consider where people will gather and spend time.
  • Select the heaters - Select the heater(s) that will work both functionally and aesthetically for your space. Consider factors such as size, voltage, number of heaters, colors, and mounting options. Note: Indoor or well protected enviroments will genrally exceed average coverage. Heaters may provide less than average coverage in extreamly cold or windy conditions.
  • Choose the controls - Choose the control option that works best for your desiered control capabilities or budget. Options include value controls, solid-state relay control package, home management intergration panel and the new universal control panel.


For use in conjunction with your home management system

Compatible with all voltages. 


  • 120V Lutron Universal Slide Dimmer provided for convenience (1 per Relay)
  • The Universal Control is a complete solution that will work with almost and 120V lighting system
  • Universal Control Panel is 508/UL-listed and made in the USA
  • A Wifi/Bluetooth compatible device can be purchased to gain this function
  • Each relay has a max capacity of 9,000 Watts
  • Each heater on a single relay must be the same wattage
  • You can control (3) 3,000 Watts on a single relay
  • You may NOT mix heater Watts on a single relay (EXAMPLE: you can not put a 3,000 Watt heater and a 6,000 Watt heater in the same relay
  • Up to a 6 Relay Control Panel, however the number of relays can be unlimited if the power supply is adequate


  • *(30-4071)- Description: (1) Relay Universal Control (Includes: 1 Lutron Dimmer Switch)


  • *(30-4072)- Description: (2) Relay Universal Control (Includes: 2 Lutron Dimmer Switch)


  • *(30-4073)- Description: (3) Relay Universal Control (Includes: 3 Lutron Dimmer Switch)


  • *(30-4074)- Description: (4) Relay Universal Control (Includes: 4 Lutron Dimmer Switch)


  • *(30-4075)- Description: (5) Relay Universal Control (Includes: 5 Lutron Dimmer Switch)


  • *(30-4076)- Description: (6) Relay Universal Control (Includes: 6 Lutron Dimmer Switch)


*Special Order



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