The Tungsten portable heater will cover about 215 Sq. Ft. and will deliver a widespread heat field of up to 13Ft. wide and 1605 Ft. deep (Heat area is dependent an ambient temperature and wind). Unique and patented adjustable heat control ensures comfortable heat produced by a high intensity ceramic burner delivering optimal heat with minimal heat loss. Specifically built to provide consistent and constant heat in many enviroments at wind speeds up to 8 mph, innovative adjustable tilting head ensures warmth goes where its needed. The Tungsten portable is easy to assemble, dismantle and store, anti tilt structure with built in wheels for easy movement. Has a battery activated repetitive spark ignitiion.


(BH0510001)- Model: Tungsten Portable, BTU's: 29,3000 - 39,8000, # Of Burners: 5, Fuel Type: Liquid Propane (Gas Cylinder NOT Included, Dimensions: 85"H X 19"W X 27"D, Minimum Installation Clearances: 36"H X 36"W X 12" in the back and 36" in the front, Weight (Excluding Cylinder): 123.5Lbs, Safety Features: Flame Failure & Anti Tilt Safety Device,


Controlled by a push button battery igniter. Has a simple dial system to control the gas flow from low to high. Operates from a 20Lb. propane tank that is concealed nearly in the base. Also includes a quick disconnect system for easy replacement of the tank.



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