(Compatible with all voltages)


Infratech helps outdoor spaces transition into comfortable sites for entertainment, Infratech designs heaters and control packages that seamlessly intergrate into the total design and style of your property.


There are 3 steps to choosing your Infratech systems. 

  1. Measure the area - Determine the approximate measurements and mounting heights of the area you want to heat (Include: length, width, and height). Also consider where people will gather and spend time.
  2. Select the heaters - Select the heater(s) that will work both functionally and aesthetically for your space. Consider factors such as size, voltage, number of heaters, colors, and mounting options. Note: Indoor or well protected enviroments will genrally exceed average coverage. Heaters may provide less than average coverage in extreamly cold or windy conditions.
  3. Choose the controls - Choose the control option that works best for your desiered control capabilities or budget. Options include value controls, solid-state relay control package, home management intergration panel and the new universal control panel.


Select a heater and mounting options to make a complete unit (See controls page.)


  • Your simple on/off switches may be used in conjection with all heaters
  • Ideal low cost option for your sinlge element heaters
  • 20 AMP max per switch
  • Wire your heater to the switch, then the switch to your electrical service panel
  • You may run more than one heater from a single switch. If you combine heaters, they cannot exceed the 20 allowable AMPS per switch. More than one heater per switch is not recommended


  • (14-4405)- Switch: Dual, Mount: Flush, Housing Options: SS Wall Plate and Gang Box, Amp Per Pole: 20


  • (14-4415)- Switch: Dual, Mount: Flush, Housing Options: Weatherproof Cover, Amp Per Pole: 20


  • (14-4425)- Switch: Dual, Mount: Surface, Housing Options: Weatherproof Box and Cover, Amp Per Pole: 20


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