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Evolution polymeric sand is a specially formulated, high performance mix of graded sand and binding agents to fill paver joints. Its superior performance and durability is ideal for the installation of pavers or natural stone as well as replacing existing joints on sidewalks, patios, sloped driveways or walkways. Evolution will remain stable and flexible while maintaining its flexibility and durability in the most extreme weather conditions. Evolution polymeric sand sets joints up to 6 inches. It sets above 32 degrees after 1 hour.

For optimum results, please watch our installation video.

50# Bag

Covers 50-80 SQ FT

Beige - $ 28.00

Grey - $ 28.00

Black Diamond - $ 40.00


Alliance Polymeric Sand is ideal for sloping areas, pool surroundings, patios, walkways, and driveways.  Alliance Polymeric Sand can be used for paver joints up to a maximum of 1 inch. It sets at above freezing (32 degrees). The sand starts to set as soon as water is sprayed. It can be applied if rain is expected - it just needs a minimum of 1 hour of dry weather after installation. Polymeric sand helps prevent weed sprouting, damages caused by insects, and erosion due to climatic conditions.

50# Bag

Covers 65-85 SQ FT

Beige - $ 37.00

Slate Grey - $ 40.00

Ivory - $ 45.00

Black Diamond - $ 43.00

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